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We help you support your customers: know more, work better

Know who, what and where

Regardless of whether your products are smart or connected, you’ll be able to see where they are with details about the owner, the distributor, and the history of all customer interactions.

Offering your users a seamlessly natural and hasslefree experience, accelerates the construction of your customer database. allows you to collect user, product, location data and information altogether and to store and dispose of them in one place.

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Get line-of-sight visibility

Regardless the dimension and variety of your service partners, you will be able to track all product issues and monitor the overall service quality.

You can outsource your customer support operations without losing contact with your users.

You can guarantee service levels across the board, no matter how large and organized your local partners are. You can monitor service centers’ and technical support centers’ performance and reward them accordingly.

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Be organized

Offer your customers the most natural and easiest way to reach out, make sure that tickets are routed to the right counterpart and never miss a support request again.

Customers are always right, even when they are wrong. They may look for help in the wrong places: contact you instead of your distributor, called the salesperson instead of filling the customer service online form, but you cannot overlook their requests.

ticket management

Make your customers happier

Remove barriers to reach out to your people and resources. Allow customers to choose their preferred way to request support. Don't ask questions of which you should already know the answers.

Offer your customer the easiest and most natural way to find relevant information and to receive the required support. You can stop the googling of manuals, the desperate research of receipts, the seeking of hidden ciphers. Now! give smiles

How does work? label

Every appliance is identified by a unique ID associated to a specific model and serial number. It can be encoded in a QR-code label, NFC tag or inside your product.

Tap Thingle

The end user taps the tag or scans the QR-code with her smartphone, or opens the support section of your mobile app and accesses a web application. No download needed! app

In a seamlessly natural way, the user signs up, browses documents, finds Q&As, watches video tutorials, download updates and requests support.

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