How changes yours
and your customers' life


Simpler registration = More data

Registration is a streamlined 3-step process.

Users only have to add their social profile or name and email and authorize location. All product information is pre-loaded and purchase information is collected through a pic of the receipt.

As a result, loads of interesting new data will automatically flow into your database.

Finally, you'll have a clear picture of where your products are, who bought them, from whom!

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Making your customers find what they need has never been easier

You can stop the frustrating research of product documentation now, and do something concrete to really avoid customer support requests when the user can help herself.

Make your entire wealth of documentation available to your users, but just present the right documentation to the right person on the specific machine.


The right ticket to the right person. Never miss one again.

Tired of receiving undesired, unsolicited calls? How many customer support request have you overlooked?

You can stop it now!

With the customer support request will go straight to the right counterpart (your own or your third-party service centers) and assigned to the right person.

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