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Thingle.me currently features three main applications

  • Simplified registration

    Product information, location data and purchase details are automatically uploaded, so the entire registration process is made of 3 clicks.

  • Smart document center

    Give each user access to all and only the relevant documents for their specific product. Allocating documents to the appropriate product, user and geography has never been easier.

  • Multichannel ticketing

    You decide how you want to be reached out. Thingle.me opens tickets when customer calls, asks to be called back, or send a support request form.


And there's more to it!

ultra-simple registration
Automatic routing

Every appliance is identified by a unique ID associated to a specific model and serial number. It can be encoded in a QR-code label, NFC tag or inside your product.

ultra-simple registration

Thingle.me has an always increasing number of plugins for integration with commercial softwares. If you have developed your own software, you can use our rich set of APIs.

ultra-simple registration

We support you, but you support your customers. We provide a number of possibilities to customize our app's and labels' look & feel and communication.

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