Frequently Asked Questions

Does the end-user have to download another app?

NO. is a mobile web app. By tapping the tag or scanning the QR-code, the end-users will be automatically directed to our web-app via their browser.

What applications do you currently offer?

Product registration, a customizable process that ensures great data collection on smart and connected as well as on traditional products.

Document center, a simple-to-use CMS tool that allows you to store documents and make them available to the appropriate users (by product, location, language).

Multi-channel ticketing, a ticketing service that manages direct calls, call back and form requests. It automatically routes support requests to the appropriate first level service provider and allows assignment to individual agents and technical support centers.

What if I need an application that is not currently available?
We are continuously developing our product based on our customers' requests. Ask us what you need, and if your request is shared by other customers, we will incorporate it in our product development. Otherwise, you can develop it using the APIs in our SDK.
I already have a ticketing software, do I still need

Does your ticketing software manage information about individual products? Does it allow you to automatically route requests to different service centers globally? How easy is it to assign tickets third party technical support centers?

If your tool does it all, you can still use our software as another - more user-friendly - channel. We probably already have a plugin to convert our tickets and send them to your ticketing system.

If your software does not do all of the above, then it won't be able to follow your needs as you grow. You may consider migrating to, even progressively over time.

Does integrate with my CRM?

SURE. is designed to integrate with other applications. We are continuously developing integration plug-in’s with commercial CRM softwares.

If you have a proprietary software, you can develop your own integrations using the APIs of our SDK.

Do you have special startup pricing plans?


Working with smart and innovative manufacturers helps us develop a smart and innovative product.

We offer the trial plan to startups for up to 1000 products or for the entire first year of service.

We've invested a lot in product design, wouldn't a label spoil everything?

You're not bound to stick a label at all. You can chose between a variety of solutions, from QR-code labels and NFC tags to embedding our Thingle ID - and functionalities - to your mobile app.

Of course, there's a tradeoff between the impact on product design and the investment required to integrate our software.

We're open and willing to help you find the best solution for you and your product. We can design a label whose colors, dimensions and finishing matches your product design. Alternatively our SDK is available for free on all our plans.

What are the benefits of the stickers?

Reliability. They work even when your product doesn't or is not connected.

No integration. Stickers do not require any kind of integration with your product or mobile application.

High visibility. The users see the sticker every time they interact with their products. This ensures higher registration rates and more frequent usage, which in turn allows you to collect relevant data, feedback and insight.

Do you provide tags?


We have consolidated relationships with a number of trusted manufacturers that guarantee top-class quality and certify both materials and printing. Depending on your budget, you can choose between a broad variety of solutions, e.g.: QR-label or NFC-tag, internal or external, standard or custom, on-metal or not.

Is the cost of the tags included in your fee?


Our job is to develop software, not to print labels. is agnostic of the hardware used to trigger our service.

Can I print the labels myself?


You can download the file from your dashboard and give it to your preferred supplier or print them yourself.

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