Let's be totally honest, who would care to fill a painful registration card or submitting a tedious form if he wasn't promised an extension of warranty or the chance to win something?

But statistics say that even with these "incentives", the actual percentage of people doing it still remains small.

So, why are people not registering their appliances and, above all, why should they?

Let's answer the former question first.

Why don't people register their appliances?

A recent survey conducted for AMDEA (UK Association of Manufacturers and Domestic Appliances) states that

"less than half (43%) of British adults usually register their large domestic appliances with the manufacturer. Of those that don’t always register, 39% said this was because they forgot and 29% didn’t think it was necessary".

And the UK does not look like the country with the lowest absolute rate; marketing departments from top manufacturing brands told us that these figures fall very quickly if we consider regions like East-EU.

Many other reasons than the "I forgot"s or "didn't know"s emerge, like privacy concerns or technical constraints.

But (luckily ?!?) not all these reasons can be ascribed to consumers' habits only. Sometimes manufacturers and their distributors play a not negligible role.

An example? A couple of months ago I was trying to register my refrigerator (from a leading brand) using my smartphone. Clicking the register button I was redirected to a "signup form" that was 13 (T H I R T E E N) fields long! And that was before the actual registration. Needless to say, I gave up (we'll write about this common "unfriendly approach" in a post to come).

And now let's answer the second question:

Why should you register your appliances instead?

Let's put aside eventual incentives and talk about you, only you for a second.

Do you know what happens if a car manufacturer finds something wrong with a component installed in your car? They will immediately send you a letter to recall your automobile and replace the faulty part. This is for your (and our) safety. Full stop.

Ok, I understand your doubts popping up right now: unlike cars, refrigerators do not represent any public harm!

Yes, I agree with you, at least until they won't mount some wheels and make it an "autonomous creeping stuff", but a research showed that about 12.000 fires in UK from January 2011 to March 2014 were caused by faulty appliances:

  • 14% washing machines
  • 12% tumble dryers
  • 11% dishwashers
  • 9% cookers
  • 7% fridges / freezers
  • 5% central heating
  • 4% toasters / grills
  • 4% microwaves
  • 3% TVs
  • 2% washer dryers
  • 1% irons

In conclusion

We want to make a point here, clear and loud: registering your devices with manufacturers will make you know of any safety repairs or recalls.

It's your right as consumer and as client trusting a brand!

About Thingly

Thingly is our Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot, allowing to manage your own appliances and devices, like ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee machines or even your car.

By simply chatting with him you will be able to register, recover useful information and access special services related to your devices.

Easy and fun like talking to a friend!


  • Thingly is currently available in English as beta release for the Telegram messaging platform (read more)
  • Registering appliances with Thingly doesn't imply any automatic activation of alert/safety repair notifications or recalls from manufacturers