We are excited to announce Thingly, our Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot, allowing to manage your own appliances and devices, like ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee machines or even your car.

By simply chatting with Thingly (here) you will be able to register, recover useful information and access special services related to your stuff, like:

keeping track of key information, such as the model or serial number of all your objects. Most of the times these codes are not so easily accessible and may happen they are not at all (eg. hidden or difficult to read after installation, deteriorated, related to objects far from you, ...). But you need them to look for the right manual or to ask assistance to the technical support. Let our chatbot do it for you.

storing receipts/invoices: remember that proof of purchase is most of the times crucial to benefit of free interventions during the warranty period. By letting the bot take care of this, you won't risk to loose anymore these documents. Ask the bot and you will have them available on your phone in no time.

activating reminders for repetitive maintenance tasks, like "rescaling your coffee machine" or "cleaning your air conditioner air filter every month". Just set a reminder and our bot will send you a message on time. Simple but powerful (and may save you some money).

Furthermore and for selected brands, Thingly is capable to do much more, like providing customers with official support or directly interacting with your appliances. Just ask and Thingly will set up things for you, like putting you online with the "right human" or turn your home heating on. No more time wasted trying to find the right technical center, waiting on a phone call or without being in control of your house.

Ready to start interacting with Thingly? Follow this link http://telegram.me/ThinglyBot with your smartphone.

Thingly is totally free for consumers and it is currently available in English as beta release on the Telegram messaging platform.

Are you a manufacturer or distributor? we offer a rich set of plans to easily integrate your products and services with Thingly! To know more, please schedule a talk with our sales representative.